Got questions or needs you don’t see answered here? Feel free to reach out. 

I would like to...

If you have a general question that’s not answered on the website, the best way to ask is to send an email to Someone from our staff will reach out with an answer as soon as possible. 

If you have a prayer need, please call (864-244-8300) and let us know what we can do to help bring your need before the Lord. Please specify if you wish to have your request kept private between you and the church leadership, or if you would like it to be added to our weekly prayer sheet.

We’re excited to welcome the newest member of your family to our church family!

If the Fellowship is your church home and you’d like to have your child’s birth or adoption announced, please email us with the following information:

  • Child’s full name & spelling(s) of each name (pronunciation/phonetic spelling if needed)
  • Date of birth (also include adoption date if applicable)
  • Dad’s & Mom’s names
  • Your primary phone number

GCF family members are welcome to use the church for wedding and funeral services. Please contact the church secretary via phone or email to work out availability for the church building and any pastoral services which might be needed.

Note: Live-streaming may also be available. Please let us know in advance if this is needed so we can have the appropriate staff on hand.